Know the basic components of a Mod
Know the basic components of a Mod

Before diving into the components ,supplies or materials that are used to build a mod, you need to know that a mod is a mechanical device which  is used for vaping. Though they are a little bigger and bulkier than the conventional e-cigarettes, they possess almost similar functionalities of an e-cigarette. In this blog, we are going to tell you about the basic components of a vape mod.

A vape mod supply list consists of the following components :

1. Rebuildable atomizer / Rebuildable dripping tank atomizer
2. Electronic battery
3. Mod case which stores the battery
4. Wire
5. Ohms meter
6. Cotton wick
7. Mini screw driver set, pliers, wire cutters, scissors
8. Paper towels
9. Cotton swabs

But as effortless as it seems, it is actually quite complicated. So let’s take a brief look at the foremost components of a mod.

Rebuildable Atomizer -  It is just a special type of atomizer used in the vape pen and mods. As the name suggests the atomizer is “rebuildable” which means, that it can be taken apart quite easily and the wicks and coils that are contained within can be replaced with ease. An RBA is composed of two pieces of stainless steel. One is the deck or the base, and the other is the top cap.

Rebuildable dripping tank atomizer - It is simply used to directly drip e- juice on the wick/coil.
RDAs are slightly different from RBAs. The difference is that the RDAs can hold a few drops of e-juice at a time however, an RBA has an entire tank to contain the e-juice. But RDA is more preferred because they provide better airflow, better vapor and definitely better flavour.

Batteries - Vape mod batteries are one of the most important components of a vape mod. Batteries  need to be properly charged every time  when you use your vape mod. The batteries are an integral part of a mod and without proper batteries, your mod is nothing but useless. Another vital thing you need to keep in mind is that you should never stack or invert your batteries. This reduces the efficiency of the batteries.

Wick - Every mod needs a wick. The coil inside the mod is encased around the wick. Wicks can be made out of various types of material. These include cotton, cotton balls, ekowool wick and silica wick. Ceramic materials and stainless steel mesh are also used. Cotton, however, is the standard by which all other wicks are measured since cotton wicks can usually hold the most  quantity of e-juice.

Wire - Wire is mainly used in vape pens to create the coil. The two principal types of wire are Kanthal wire and NiChrome wire. The only thing that you need to focus on while choosing the wire for your mod is that the finer the wire, the higher is the resistance.

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Happy vaping folks!

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